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About Us

Parkdale Trading Company is a joint venture established by the creative minds of Kiran Thind & Rodrigo Andrade. Working under the motto “Local First,” PTC combines their talents along with other artists, designers and craftspeople to create high quality, hand-made goods with an end goal of becoming a neighbourhood department store. Wherever possible, PTC uses locally sourced goods and services to create their work and are committed to strengthening community by supporting local businesses.  

The Creators

Parkdale Trading Company is an ideal way for Kiran & Rodrigo to combine their skills along with those of other talented artists, designers and craftspeople to create and promote high quality, locally crafted goods and services.

Together, Rodrigo and Kiran already produce successful events at Rodrigo’s home/studio gallery, also named UPPER 751, giving art-lovers and those who appreciate high quality, locally crafted goods alike an opportunity to see what Parkdale has to offer.

Latest News & Updates

How To Clean And Care For Leather Furniture

May 25, 2022
We visited with our leather suppliers Perfect Leather Goods and Leather Sewing Supply Depot to get their tips and recommendations on leather care and leather care products and we’re sharing...

PTC Launches UPPER751 Parlour, For...

April 13, 2016
  20 year haircutting veteran (of the 700 block on Queen st. West), Rodrigo Andrade launched UPPER751 Parlour for PTC in March of 2016. Rodrigo delivers style with an old world mentality...

PTC Goes Glam!

April 13, 2015
We recently completed one of our favourite chair projects for a client from Kiran's hometown of Cobourg, Ontario. He recently purchased a home outside of Warkworth that he and his Great Danes are...

W Lifestyle Salon

March 10, 2015 (1) PUBLISHER_COMMENTS
This weekend we reupholstered the four shampoo chairs at W. The existing seats were covered in a blue vinyl that had seen years of wear and tear at the busy Queen West salon. In order to avoid...

R2 Cafe

March 10, 2015 (0) PUBLISHER_COMMENTS
Our first commercial upholstery project of 2015 was making new cushions for one of our favourite cafés, R2. Located just across the street from UPPER 751, their friendly service and amazing...