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Date: March 10, 2015 Author: kiran@cherrybombvintage.ca Categories: Latest Work

This weekend we reupholstered the four shampoo chairs at W. The existing seats were covered in a blue vinyl that had seen years of wear and tear at the busy Queen West salon.

In order to avoid any disruption to business, we planned the job so that we could complete it onsite while the salon was closed for the weekend.

The owner, Walter Wong, selected a heavy-duty black vinyl and opted to replace the foam on all four chairs. We had all materials ready to go when they closed at 6 PM on Saturday. After fueling up with Pie Commission pies chased with Americanos, we set out on our goal of getting all the prep work done on Saturday night.

Each chair consisted of four pieces: inside and outside backs, seats and outer seats. The seats and backs hinge together and then attach to hardware that allows them to slide and recline for hair washing.

Rod began disassembling the chairs while Kiran cut the foam to size using their new Bosch foam cutter. After they were taken apart, we stripped the existing materials and then cut the vinyl so that everything was ready for us to upholster early Sunday morning.

Sunday, we set to work gluing the foam to the wooden shells that made up the seats and backs. Once the foam was glued, we upholstered the 16 pieces in black vinyl. Rod assembled one of the chairs to see how everything fit together and after a long day’s work, our stomachs were calling and we called it a day. We decided to check out Mean Bao and had worked up such an appetite we ordered the entire available menu.

Monday morning, Rod finished assembling the seats and everything was back to normal at W for their 11 am opening on Tuesday. So far the chairs have received rave reviews from the owner, the stylists and clients alike.



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