PTC Goes Glam!

Date: April 13, 2015 Author: Categories: Latest Work

We recently completed one of our favourite chair projects for a client from Kiran's hometown of Cobourg, Ontario. He recently purchased a home outside of Warkworth that he and his Great Danes are settling into.

He'd found this unique and lovely Hollywood Regency style chair that was just begging to be brought back to life. Structurally the chair was in great shape, but the fabric was torn and the padding needed to be replaced.

While we were communicating at the early stages of the project, he sent a picture of one of his dogs who had taken a shine to the chair. It's too cute not to share!

We selected a beautiful grey damask patterned linen, viscose and rayon blend with a complementary grey gimp for the trim. This bold fabric and unique curved shape of the chair will make an amazing focal point for his living room.

Once the fabric and trim were selected, Rod stripped the chair down to the frame and we began rebuilding it. We reinforced the webbing that was holding the seat springs in place and installed new foam for the seat. We padded the back with cotton felting and gave it a slightly more rounded and cushy form than that of the original. 

Once the padding on the chair was layered and rebuilt, we began the upholstery. It was a challenge to work with a large scale patterned fabric on a chair with so many curves, but we were up for it and the end result was spectacular.

After we finished reupholstering the chair all that remained was to do was attach the trim and dust cover, and then it was ready to depart for its new home. Our client was ecstatic and since completing the chair, we've already started working on his sofa. We'll be posting the deconstruction, rebuild and finished result in the very near future. Keep posted on the monthly upholstery feature here.